Filmshake - The ‘90s Movies Podcast

Episode 43 -- The Matchmaker (1997)

March 08, 2022 Filmshake - The 90's Movies Podcast
Filmshake - The ‘90s Movies Podcast
Episode 43 -- The Matchmaker (1997)
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Show Notes

In 1847, Martin Glynn sailed from Galway, Ireland, so that his great-great grandson, Nic, could one day honor his Irish legacy, by co-hosting a podcast focused upon the 1997 cinematic sleeper, The Matchmaker, and 2000's Leprechaun in the Hood. Why would you ever kiss the Blarney Stone for luck, when you could listen to Jordan Courtney compare a woman's smile to the anatomy of a Basset Hound? Yes, it's a St. Patrick's Day spectacular, as only Filmshake can do, a veritable four-leaf clover of audio perfection. You'll be Dublin over with laughter. Yes...Dublin over...we write these descriptions ourselves.
Also, there's a pot of gold at the end of this podcast rainbow in the form of the episode-closing trivia battle. Will Jordan finally experience the luck of the Irish, or will he go out like that thing James Joyce 's wife did that he liked.
Listen to find out!

Music featured this episode
"Maid Behind the Bar" by Sláinte
"Rock 'N' Roll Paddy" by Shane MacGowan and the Popes
"And a Bang On the Ear" by The Waterboys
"Leprechaun Rap" by Warwick Davis

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