Filmshake - The ‘90s Movies Podcast

Episode 61 - Blast From the Past (1999)

May 02, 2023 Filmshake - The ‘90s Movies Podcast
Filmshake - The ‘90s Movies Podcast
Episode 61 - Blast From the Past (1999)
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Show Notes

You might not fall in love with weirdos who you've only known for four or five days, who collect baseball cards, and pee when they see the ocean, and have perfect table manners, but it's perfectly fine to fall in love with Filmshake, as we're talking 1999's Brendan Fraser and Alicia Silverstone-starring romantic comedy, Blast From the Past.  After your two favorite podcast gentleman have a perfectly pleasant conversation about this sweet 'lil champagne cocktail of a film, they talk this episode's punishment movie, ANOTHER 1999 Brendan Fraser film, and not the one where he fights a sexy deceased man. That only leaves one film, and that film is Dudley Do-Right...which one of your hosts likes?

Music Heard this Episode:
"Adam & Eve Love Theme" -- Steve Dorff
"It's a Good Day" -- Perry Como
"Mr. Zoot Suit" -- Ingrid Lucia & the Flying Neutrinos
"Dudley Do-Right of the Royal Mounties" -- Fred Steiner
"Political Science" -- Randy Newman

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Intro music - "If" by Broke For Free

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