Filmshake - The ‘90s Movies Podcast

Episode 70 - Clerks (1994)

November 14, 2023 Filmshake - The ‘90s Movies Podcast
Filmshake - The ‘90s Movies Podcast
Episode 70 - Clerks (1994)
Show Notes

We're not even supposed to be here today, but that's okay because Filmshake is covering 1994's indie-classic, Clerks! You know, there's a million fine looking women in the world, but they don't all bring you lasagna at work, and neither will we, but we will provide you 90-minutes of Clerks-centric entertainment! That also includes a little bit of  Clerks II and Clerks III discussion, as well as our usual, Happy Scrappy Hero Pup Trivia Battle. You don't wanna miss THE 90s movies podcast talking one of the most 90s 90s movies ever made! This one's personal.

Music Heard This Episode
"Clerks" -- Love Among Freaks
"Got Me Wrong" -- Alice In Chains
"Can't Even Tell" -- Soul Asylum

Intro music - "If" by Broke For Free

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