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Episode 73 - A Perfect World (1993)

January 23, 2024 Filmshake - The ‘90s Movies Podcast
Filmshake - The ‘90s Movies Podcast
Episode 73 - A Perfect World (1993)
Show Notes

In A Perfect World, this would have been Episode 58 instead of Baby Geniuses, but you've got us driving this time machine, so just be glad this Ford hadn't crashed just yet. Is Costner a god, great, or even a good actor? Is Clint Eastwood immortally badass or is he a not-so-secretly artsy fartsy snowflake? Or does he just want to make his day and get home for dinner? How much Dern can a Dern Dern Dern if a Dern Dern can Dern Dern? All these questions answered (?) and more! Join us as we deconstruct Eastwood's deconstruction of the mythic-outlaw-on-the-run trope and wind up somewhere between knowing "not a damn thing" and wondering can anything really be known and therefore is the supposition of knowing that we don't know "a damn thing" even something that can be relied upon in a world filled with such chaos and violence!!! AHH...Such fun times!

Music Heard This Episode:
"Big Fran's Baby" -- Lennie Niehaus and Clint Eastwood
"Ida Red" -- Bob Willis and His Texas Playboys
"Philip's Theme" -- Lennie Niehaus
"Guess Things Happen That Way" -- Johnny Cash

Intro music - "If" by Broke For Free

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