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Episode 74 - Payback (1999)

February 13, 2024 Filmshake - The ‘90s Movies Podcast
Filmshake - The ‘90s Movies Podcast
Episode 74 - Payback (1999)
Show Notes

Get ready for the big Payback, as we're talking the 1999 Mel Gibson revenge flick, and the 2006 Director's Cut, and 1967's Point Blank, AND the book they're all adapted from, Donald E. Westlake's The Hunter, though mostly 1999's Payback, we promise! Except when we also talk about our punishment movie, 2011's The Beaver, also starring Mel Gibson, payback for Jordan losing trivia last episode. Can Jordan finally get his $70K back in this episode's trivia battle finale, or does he get stuck with a Director's Cut ending of his own making?! All this and more, much much more, and for what, the principle of the thing?
Stop it, we're getting misty!

Music Heard this Episode
"Main Title" -- Chris Boardman
"Lynn's Habit" -- Chris Boardman
"The Payback" -- James Brown
"You're Nobody Till Somebody Loves You" -- Dean Martin (written by Russ Morgan, Larry Stock, and James Cavanaugh)

Intro music - "If" by Broke For Free

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