Filmshake - The 90's Movies Podcast

Episode 28 - The Crow (1994)

March 30, 2021 Filmshake - The 90's Movies Podcast
Filmshake - The 90's Movies Podcast
Episode 28 - The Crow (1994)
Show Notes

It's been said the set of 1994's The Crow  was cursed, and after the last month of working on our troubled episode centered around it, count us as believers. Still, despite the hardships, and the fact that Jordan's audio makes him sound like the vocalist for a Riot Grrrl band, Filmshake is proud to present its Crow episode, focusing on Alex Proyas' first film in the series, then dovetailing...erm, crowing off into an exploration of the other three films in the series because for some reason Nic watched all of them.

Also, there's an announcement about and details for our brand new Patreon, as well as our episode-ending trivia battle. As usual, there's a winner...and a loser...Is that gasoline I smell?

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Music used this episode:
"Burn" -- The Cure
"Rain Forever" -- Graeme Revell
"Teething" -- Deftones
"The Best Things" -- Filter
"Big Empty" -- Stone Temple Pilots

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